ITracker Discrepancy Software and Operations Management

Designed Specifically For Broadcast Operations

There are a lot of ticketing products available to broadcasters. Ask any chief engineer or director of operations and they will tell that broadcast operations require unique functionality to address daily operations needs.

That is why ITracker was created - to address the specific needs broadcaster have and to create a digital workflow that allows them to implement their Standards & Practices (S&P)

ITracker advantage:

  • Flat rate for all channel/feeds/networks - no per channel fee
  • Quick concise data entry
  • Increase communication
  • Increase resource availability
  • Process Analysis & Improvement

More Than Just Discrepancy Reporting

ITracker digitizes incident reporting and service management while creating a system that promotes staff engagement by keeping everyone on the same page.

The system streamlines your operation by acting as a facilitator.

  • The facility standarizes business classification
  • Operators and staff enter incidents using role based access rights
  • Supervisors and engineers on duty generate shift reports - summarizing issues and staff activity
  • ITracker automatically distributes notifications based on defined business rules
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports are automatically generated with content based on user roles
  • Managers, supervisors and executes review operational stats using ITracker's data visualation dashboards