Broadcast Operations: Service Providers

Third-Party Playout & Channel Origination Providers

As service provider, you’ve won your clients over on the extensive technological investments and cost savings you provide to them.

You’ve impressed them with your sparling facilities and resource capabilities.

Well, none of that matters if issues exist in the quality of the aired product.

Whether you provide OTT, VOD, channel playout and etc. – the key to keeping and maintaining your client is ensuring that those investments work correctly – including human resources.

ITracker allows third-party providers to easily manage their operations while providing their staff the tools to communicate effectively and timely for both internally and externally.

ITracker is not just a ticketing solution. ITracker is designed specifically for broadcast operations therefore takes into account the various nuances in daily broadcast operations.

Additionally, we’ve worked closely with the leading global broadcast providers to incorporate functionality that address their day-to-day operational needs.

With ITracker you get:

  • Ability to centralize operation via a single web portal
  • Create a homogenous system for tracking issues across your brands
  • Real time notification to staff based on a variety of metrics including client, channel type, priority and etc.
  • Ability to assign sales reps to clients – allowing reps to automatically respond to client requests and issues
  • Management tools that make it easy to catalog your clients in portfolios and grouping – making report distribution, analysis and information flow a snap
  • Integration change management and scheduled service request with approval process
  • Support for Power BI and Tableau integration
  • Ability to report based on your client time zone – ensuring the client receives the appropriate information relative to their location and needs
  • Available client portal that create both transparency and client self service

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