Broadcast Operations: HUB/TOC/BOC

ITracker Broadcast Operations Incident Tracking

Central casting or centralization of broadcast operations is used by station groups and operators to reduce operating costs and scale capabilities.

The terms HUB, Technical Operations Center, and Broadcast Operations Center – all refer to a central casting implementation. The goal being to reduce duplicated resources and promote resource sharing.

ITracker allows the broadcaster to centralize operational business tracking (not just discrepancy reporting) using a web portal that all locations can access.

ITracker’s role-based security ensures that users can only access information that their role allows for.

Hub Operations – Broadcast/Technical Operation Centers (BOC/TOC)

ITracker’s integrated reporting automatically distributes customized reports to the member channels for daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

  • Create a homogenous workflow by standardizing business conventions across the board
  • Make it easy for operators to document issues quickly
  • Allow local users the ability to receive real time data for issue impacting their locations
  • Provide a trackable workflow and knowledge to ensure compliance of standards and procedures
  • Flexible reporting that allows for review, summarization and final distribution
  • Generate detailed analytics to promote continued business and process improvement

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ITracker allows the broadcaster to:

  • Quick data entry
  • Ability to standardize business processes (standards and procedures)
  • Detailed reporting to fit your operational needs
  • Integrated dashboards and visualization to allow for continuing process improvement
  • ITracker is very affordable – with versions to fit every need. ITracker is #1 rated discrepancy reporting and operations management solution designed specifically for broadcast operations.