The Company We Keep - Client Stories

Our Clients Tell Our Story

Pikolo's ITracker was created specifically to serve the needs of the broadcast industry. ITracker was originally created in 1999 to track discrepancy reports for a pioneering broadcaster looking to implement centralcasting. Since then, ITracker has evolved to support all departments in the day to day broadcast operations.

Our clients include broadcasters small and large; local and global; single location and multi-continent.

Our client rely on ITracker to help keep their operations streamlined and their teams focused. Those clients include:

  • Encompass Digital Media
  • Univision Communications
  • Deluxe
  • Warner Media
  • and many more

Our emphasis remains to provide a technologically sound solution that is easy to use and makes it easier for our clients to do their jobs.

That is why ITracker is consistantly rate the #1 Discrepancy Reporting Workflow for Broadcast Operations


WPLG Local10 provides a multi-platform environment, with its traditional broadcast services augmented by mobile and web properties.

Incident Tracker allows management to create operational standards and enforce them across all locations.

Benefits garnered from Incident Tracker include:

  • Easy documentation of operational tasks eliminating procedural errors
  • increased staff engagement
  • real-time access to operational status and trends
  • the ability to compare operations allowing management to make business adjustments.


We could not be more satisfied with Pikolo’s Incident Tracking system and the excellent customer service that continues to be provided.

- Darren Alline, WPLG Chief Engineer

Bruce Hart, VP of Engineering at TCT Network

The customization that Pikolo delivered is exactly what we needed.

It automatically brought into the discrepancy interface all of our station transmitter readings. The also implemented an integration to automically bring in our EAS alerts.

This makes it easy to create a single report for a chief operator checklist with all the information, Transmitter, EAS, Discrepancies, down time, being automatically generated.

ITracker has been a life saver in man power - it allows our teams to work on what matters and not get boggled down in paperwork.

- Bruce Hart, VP of Engineering